Monday, August 11, 2008

Doctor Appt.

Today we had another doctors appointment. It was not a good one...Jennwise. Instead of gaining the normal goal of a pound a week at this point, I lost 3 pounds this month. I feel like I am eating tons, but I must not be eating enough. This appointment was also a blood screening for diabetes. My levels were a little high, so I have to go next week Monday for a 3 hour testing. My sugar level wasn't high enough for the doctor to have major concern. We discussed what I have been eating and drinking. I have been having a lot of orange juice and that has tons of sugar in it. She said that if I watch my sugar and carbs, my levels should be good for Monday. So we are praying that my levels will straighten out, as I start watching the things I eat.
Other than the appointment, nothing new has really been going on. We are working on getting things ready for the baby. The "Honey-do" list is crazy long, with things for both Eric and I.
God Bless!