Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Snow 2013

We finally got snow!! The first couple days we had it, the temperature was too cold to really do anything outside. Once the temp. was higher, Malakai wanted take full advantage of it!! (and he did!)
We have a local nature area and they were having snowshoeing on their trails lite by tiki torches. It was such an awesome experience!! 

Malakai wasn't exactly sure on how to walk at first, but he soon learned. We spent nearly an hour out on the trails!!

We are so blessed!
I have been inspired to "restart" my blog again! I miss being able to look back at things I've posted. Our lives have changed so much and this is such an awesome way to keep track of everything! Facebook is fun and we can post pictures on there, but there isn't any real story to what has been going on. This way, we will have our story and will be able to share! So, to "catch-up" on the many things I haven't put on here, I plan on doing some "flash back" posts! Hopefully that will help me to get everything up to day!