Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st Thanksgiving

Here are pictures from our first Thanksgiving. We had such a great time with all of our family. This first picture is our first nice family picture and is also going on our Christmas cards.

Malakai was just so excited when the guys won Catch Phrase that we just had to get a picture.Malakai and Mommy. He was such a great baby for all of our get togethers.

The proud Grandparents.
Last but not least. This is the picture that I said Aunt Gale would love. This was Malakai's first BIG mess. Jodi laughed so hard while at the same time I was just exhausted and almost started crying. In the end, it was really funny because before he pooped everywhere he peed and hit the wall behind him. This will go in the book for the nastiest picture!

Well, unfortunately my camera was dead for Thanksgiving with my Grandpa. We have to remember to put extra batteries in the diaper bag!
Have a great day and God Bless!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wow! We have SOOO much to be thankful for. Looking back on this past year, God has really blessed us. Eric and I now have a beautiful baby boy, who is healthy and happy. Our relationship is better than it has ever been. We both have awesome jobs, a house over our heads, food on our table. The list can go on and on. We are both so thankful for both of our families and all their support in the past month. With so many people in such worse conditions than us, we can't complain what-so-ever.
Looking forward onto this coming year, we pray that God continues to bless us. We pray that we will continue to have good health, family, and friends. That our precious baby boy will grow and be happy. We also pray that God will bless everyone around us and help them to have a wonderful year.
Have a great day and God Bless!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

He weighs in at...

Friday, Malakai had a weigh in appointment. He weighed 8 lbs, 7 oz!!!!! Meaning he gained 3 ounces in 2 days, which is 1 more ounce than what they wanted. Now he is only 8 ounces away from his birth weight. Praise God!!
Milo, my dog, and Malakai are getting along great. Milo only gets jealous once in awhile, otherwise he looks at Malakai as his. If Malakai starts fussing, Milo goes nuts. It is the cutest thing. The other night I got a great picture of Milo and Malakai.
In this one, Milo is curious about Malakai eating. Normally we tell Milo to get down, but this picture was just to cute!!
Yesterday, my Aunt (in the middle) had a meet Malakai party, aka baby shower! He slept most of the time. My cousin (on the left) and my Aunt got him a bath towel with a hood. On the hood it is a frog. When I was in the hospital, anytime I would hold Malakai, he would scrunch his legs up. Well, he looked like a frog when he did this and I gave him the nickname of my frog.
This is a 5 generation picture. My Uncle is standing in for my dad because he wasn't there. But how cool is it to have 5 generations! A lot of people haven't had the chance to see Malakai with his eyes open. He does tend to sleep a lot and whenever he takes a car ride, he is out like a rock. So I thought I would post a picture of him with his eyes open. Great Grandpa Ken got to see his eyes for the first time yesterday.
Aunt Gale...I still don't have the picture for you. I am still holding you in suspense, but I did post some different ones!! Anyway, time to eat! I will work on getting the special picture.
Have a great day and God Bless!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


That would be exactly how much Malakai gained! No that isn't a good thing. This is just very frustrating. I feel like the doctors are looking at me thinking that I'm not feeding my child. I now have to document EVERY time he eats and what he eats. If he has it in a bottle, I have to write down how much he had. I also have to write down when he poops. I feel horrible because he isn't gaining weight, but at the same time, what can I do? I also feel like the doctors want me to go to formula, so then we know exactly how much he is eating. That really isn't what I want to do. I really don't know what the next step is. Anyway, other than that, he is doing great and looking great.

Aunt Gale...I have the best picture for you. Unfortunately, I have to get it from Jodi and then scan it. But I will post it on here. I know, I'm holding you in suspense, but trust me it will be worth it!!

Well, the little man just woke up. I have to go change him. Have a great day and God Bless!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Doctor Day

Wow! 2 weeks ago and little Malakai was born. Time really flies.

Today at his doctor's appointment, he weighed in at 8lbs 4oz. Meaning he only gained 1 ounce :( Not exactly what we were going for, but thankfully he didn't loose anymore. They don't want us to change anything that we are doing because he did gain. We have another weigh in on Wednesday. Other than that, everything has been good. Who would have thought that a baby with my family's genes would have a problem gaining weight!! Eric's side must be taking over more.

So we just keep praying that Malakai will keep his food down and start gaining more weight. I would really love to allow him to sleep most of the night straight and let him tell us when he is hungry.
Everyone have a great day and God Bless!

What a week!

Time really does fly when you only get to sleep for short periods of time and you are very preoccupied with trying to help your baby gain weight! Friday, Malakai had another weigh in at the doctor's office. He still didn't gain any weight. His new thing is projectile like vomiting after he eats. On Friday, the doctor gave us another formula to try, in hopes that he would keep this stuff down. His new formula has the proteins that are partially digested. Unfortunately, he isn't always keeping this down. On top of that, he has started throwing up breast milk. When he does throw up, it isn't everything that he eats and sometimes he will eat a little more after. Eric and I are getting both frusterated and concerned. We know that there are still many options out there for him to try and because he is still within his 10% weight loss, we have time to test things out. Tomorrow morning he has another weigh in, so we are praying that he will have at least gained something.
Other than the crazy sleep hours and throwing up, everything else is going great. I will update tomorrow after his weigh in. Please keep him in your prayers. We really don't want him to get below the 10% weight loss.
Have a great day and God Bless!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday, Malakai had his first doctor's appointment. Everything went well, except his weight. Much to our dismay he had lost more weight. He was down 8% from his birth weight. At this point, he should be starting to gain weight because he is suppose to be back to his birth weight by Monday. So our doctor sent us back to the hospital to meet with the lactation nurse today. They weighed him, he ate, and then they weighed him again. To see exactly how much he was eating. He is suppose to be eating anywhere from 3 to 4 ounces per feeding. Currently he is only eating 2 ounces per feeding. Which would explain his continual weight lose. So now we have to supplement each feeding with 1 to 2 ounces of formula, to make sure that he will start gaining weight. I also have to feed him every 2 1/2 hours until he is back up to his birth weight. This is very exhausting! Thankfully, I also have to pump for 10 minutes after every feeding. This is to get my milk supply up, in hopes of making enough milk and being able to stop supplementing. With the milk that I pump, Eric can take a feeding when he gets home from work and this will allow me to get a nice chunk of sleep. This is my favorite picture of the two of them.

Speaking of Eric. I am so lucky to have such a great husband. He is willing to step in and help me out with anything. He hasn't complained once about not getting enough sleep or having to get up to do something for me. He even took my crazy task of grocery shopping on a Saturday, in the middle of the afternoon. Anyone who knows how I grocery shop, you know it is a crazy time. I usually use anywhere from 20 to 30 coupons and I am very organized about it. Eric absolutely hates using all the coupons. He has been cooking for me and cleaning the house. Oh I really am so blessed to have him!

Here are some random pictures that we didn't post yet.
This is Monday before we went to the doctor's office. Little did we know this would be the last belly pic...ever!!

First time great grandparents. They are so proud! Ask the customers at the restaurant!!
Well, time to go feed Malakai. Have a great day and God Bless!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Safe Home

We made it home nice and safe yesterday. We also made it through our first night home. I really am thinking that my baby is nocturnal. He will be up for maybe a few hours during the day, but from about midnight until 6 or 7 he is wide awake! He doesn't cry a lot, he is just fussy. So we are trying to keep him awake more during the day. Anyway, other than that, he is just great!!
Have a great day and God Bless!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well for those of you who don't know, I just gave birth to a very healthy baby boy!! My water broke at the doctor's office at around noon. I went right to the hospital (thanks Jamie for getting our bags!!) and they started pitocin to help the labor move along. After six hours of contractions, I was only dilated to a 3. While the nurse was checking me she thought things felt funny. My doctor came in and did an ultrasound and sure enough he was breach. This all happened right after I decided to get the epidural, so it was great timing. At that time they brought me right to surgery and I had a c-section. They did allow me to watch them taking him out of my stomach, which was really cool. He weighs 8 pounds 15 ounces! He is one big boy. He is also very content and very beautiful.
Take a look!!

This is our first family picture!! Isn't it great!