Sunday, March 13, 2011


Life can be so busy sometimes and we all get caught up in the whirl wind. One way that I like to relax is to read. I do my best to take time out at night to read and unwind. Some nights I will read for an hour or so. Other nights, I might read for 10 minutes :) Then there are those mornings that I wake up still sitting up!!
Here are only a few of the books that cover my bedstand:

First there is my Bible. Eric actually got me a new one for Christmas. It is a NIV/Message side by side study Bible. So far I really enjoy having both of the translations right next to each other. Second is a book by one of my most favorite ladies, Beth Moore. I love reading anything by her. Right now I am reading 90 days with Jesus. So far it is really good! The books in the front include a couple books that I can't wait to dive into, my journal, some notebook paper, and a day-to-day devotional.

What is on your bookshelf?