Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Fun!

The weather is getting so nice! Malakai absolutely loves being outside. He laughs when the wind blows! We have been having some great family time lately. Playing outside, relaxing inside...and coming soon...days by the pool!
As Malakai gets bigger, he is really starting to love his "puppy". Every morning he looks around when I take him out of his room. When he sees Milo, he will start laughing. It is so precious! Milo has by far the best temperament I have ever seen. He lets Malakai do almost anything and when he doesn't like it, he will whine. He won't try to even snip at him.
Look at my two handsome men! Eric is such an awesome Dad!
Since the weather is getting nicer, we decided to get a pull along thing for the bikes. It was a bit chilly out the first night we had it, but Malakai was a trooper. The nice thing is that there is a wind sheild that flips down, so we don't have to worry about going to fast!
The look that Malakai is giving Milo in this one is priceless! It looks like he is thinking, "Seriously dog, this is my bath!"
I really don't even know how to describe this picture! It was just super funny!
As summer progresses, I'm going to keep the camera right by my side! It seems like everyday he does something new and even more funny! He is always changing.
Have a great day and God Bless!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

What a weekend! We were very busy. It did take it's toll on Malakai. Friday started our crazyness. Saturday, he was just so crabby. Sunday, he was a little better. Today, he is much better. It is nuts what getting out of the schedule for a couple days will do. We had Grandpa Jim and Grandma Barbi, Aunt Gale and Uncle Fred come into town this weekend. They had never "met" Malakai before, so it was important that we try to be there for most of the weekend. I have tons of pictures and a video!
This picture isn't from this weekend, but it is just to funny. Malakai wanted to watch TV while he was in his Pack 'n Play...this is what we get!

He is getting so big! This past week he started holding his own bottle. It was just an overnight thing.
Malakai really likes his Pack 'n Play. Milo and he play through the mesh. This is Milo trying to figure out how to get in! They are just so cute together!
This was my attempt (which failed) to set up Malakai's play mat. It didn't work out like I had planned.Malakai went on his first bike ride! He really didn't enjoy the few seconds that he was on it (this was on Saturday), but it did make for a super cute picture.

On Sunday, Malakai got to spend some special time with Great Grandma Barbi! He didn't cry when she held him, which was pretty amazing!
Here we have 4 generations. Grandma Barbi is holding Malakai, Eric's dad is on the left and Eric is on the right. Eric really didn't want his picture taken!
Grandpa and Grandma are holding both of the great grandkids.
Nana Jodi also got to spend time with both of the grandbabies this weekend. Here they are showing off the quilt. They are so much fun!

Since Malaki is getting to be a little bit of a chunker, we thought it would be easier to bring his cart cover to the store on Sunday. It was so nice not to have to either carry him or lug his carseat inside. He really seemed to enjoy this as well. By the end of the trip he was sleeping, I should have taken a picture of that. It was hilarious!For the past week, Malakai has really started to use his vocal coards more. Tonight I got a great video of him saying "Dada". Yes...he didn't say Mama first :( I was warned that this might happen, I was hoping and praying he would have formed his lips right and it would sound like Mama, but it didn't. It is super cute and I'm sure before I know it he will be saying Mama.

Since we had such a busy weekend, we (really just me) decided to take today off and relax and focus on getting back into the schedule. I think it worked well!
Have a great day and God Bless!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Way to long!

Hey everyone!
Sorry that I haven't updated any pictures lately. I've been super busy working on a secret Mother's Day present for my mother-in-law. I did, however, get some wonderful opportunities to snap some great pictures of Malakai.
The other day Malakai was in his bouncy seat and had his arms shoved down by his legs. I really don't know why he does things like this, but it is hilarious! He was just laughing and laughing.

In the past couple weeks, Malakai has also learned how to roll over. This was the first morning that he did it. Prior to this, anytime he was on his stomach he would cry. Well that morning he was laughing and making funny noises. I'm glad I grabbed the camera!
This face reminds me of the picture of the old man that is sucking his face in. I just love this little guy!

Since it is almost summer and Malakai really hates the sun in his eyes, we decided to buy him sunglasses. Now he is one super cool dude! He tolerates them for the most part. They are just to cute!
Well, there is a lot to do this week. Great Grandma and Grandpa are coming into town this weekend. They haven't seen Malakai in person before. I really need to finish my surprise for my Mother-in-law, so hopefully I'll still be quick enough to snap some pictures!
Have a great day and God Bless!