Sunday, May 3, 2009

Way to long!

Hey everyone!
Sorry that I haven't updated any pictures lately. I've been super busy working on a secret Mother's Day present for my mother-in-law. I did, however, get some wonderful opportunities to snap some great pictures of Malakai.
The other day Malakai was in his bouncy seat and had his arms shoved down by his legs. I really don't know why he does things like this, but it is hilarious! He was just laughing and laughing.

In the past couple weeks, Malakai has also learned how to roll over. This was the first morning that he did it. Prior to this, anytime he was on his stomach he would cry. Well that morning he was laughing and making funny noises. I'm glad I grabbed the camera!
This face reminds me of the picture of the old man that is sucking his face in. I just love this little guy!

Since it is almost summer and Malakai really hates the sun in his eyes, we decided to buy him sunglasses. Now he is one super cool dude! He tolerates them for the most part. They are just to cute!
Well, there is a lot to do this week. Great Grandma and Grandpa are coming into town this weekend. They haven't seen Malakai in person before. I really need to finish my surprise for my Mother-in-law, so hopefully I'll still be quick enough to snap some pictures!
Have a great day and God Bless!

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