Monday, March 17, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

The past couple weeks have been tough! I really started getting sick. 7up is my new best friend!! I think I'm pretty much over it, the past couple days went well. So I pray that I've seen the worst of the sickness.
Not much has really happened besides that. We did have our first doctor appointment on Thursday. It was pretty much just an informational meeting. They did take my blood, but that was the extent of it. Monday is our first appointment with the actual doctor. I'm looking forward to that one. We'll find out for sure how far along I am. Right now they are putting me due early November!!
Other than those little tid bits, there isn't much happening.

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Deborah Bissell said...

Eric and Jenn, Congratulations! I may be far away, but you're always in my heart! I look forward to being a Great Aunt again! Post some pics of your belly growing too!
Hugs and Prayers! Aunt Debby