Friday, April 11, 2008

Still Sick

Hey Everyone!
So apparently the vitamins only work for a little while. This past week I have been sicker than ever. I feel horrible for Eric, as you can see in the picture he added, I can not be a happy camper at times. Most of the time I'm good, but at night when I'm tired and sick, it's just not a good combination. Monday I have to call the doctor and see if he will give me a different vitamin. At the appointment he said that if these didn't work, then to call. Well honestly, they worked awesome for like two weeks. I would only feel a little sick in the morning, but I can handle that. Now at night it's like I have to try and fall asleep before I get sick again.
On a better note, in two weeks I will be all done with school. It's going to be really exciting. My grandparents are coming home from Florida on the 20th. The 21st we get to hear the baby's heart beat. The 24th Grandma Barbie is coming to town and I have my final class. Then on the 27th I graduate. What a great and busy week.
Well everyone have a great night, I have to get back to some homework!!

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