Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Goodness!

There has been so much happening! We've been the little busy bees! Malakai is growing in leaps and bounds. Everyday he does something new and great. So I will start, hopefully, were I left off.
After our last doctor's appointment, we decided to try giving Malakai a sippy cup. Our doctor suggested it. This is just one picture of the whole progression. It was very entertaining to watch him try and work it out. After a few minutes of struggle, we decided that we definitaly need to work on it with him. I actually found a sippy cup at the grocery store that helps with the progress of it. It has 3 different tops, a nipple, a spout, and a straw. He has done really well using this one.
Malakai really enjoys riding on Daddy's back. We took him mini golfing one weekend and he had such a blast!
The next three are hilarious. Since he has gotten so good at sitting up, I will let him sit up on the carpet in his room (it's softer incase he does tip over). One day I was folding his laundry and he decided that since he could sit up, he was going to help me. Mind you, the whole situation took no more than a couple minutes. It made me laugh so hard because I thought I was doing good by giving him a burp clothe to play with. Well aparently he wanted more!

A few weeks ago, I won four tickets to the WhiteCaps game. Since Eric was working a crazy shift at work, I took my Grandparents and my brother. This was Malakai's first game and boy oh boy did he have fun! The first one is him sporting his cool shades.
Great Grandpa thought is would be great to put his hat on Malakai. As you can tell, he thought it was super great.
When we are in big crowds, Malakai tends to get distracted by what is going on. This picture was the best that we could get. The poor person in the costume had to stand there for at least four different pictures. Malakai was super busy looking around at everything. In this one he really doesn't look like he is having such a good time!
What a little stud!
Toward the end of the game, Malakai was getting fussy. Well, at least until he found Grandpa's shades. Those poor things had some much slobber on them!

Well, that is pretty much up to date. Malakai is getting baptized on Father's Day! Which I think is just so cool that Eric gets such a great privelegde to share "his" day. We are really excited.
I will really try to update more than once a month!
Have a great day and God Bless!

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Grandma Barbie said...

The naked baby pose should win some kind of an award. what a precious picture....I enjoy your Blog soooo much. Love & Hugs, Grandma Barbie & Grandpa Jim