Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Fun!

This summer has just been crazy! Not working and being able to spend tons of time at home with my little man has been different. I am a workaholic and the adjustment has been difficult, but it has also been tons of fun!! I miss seeing people above the age of 1, but I love being able to experience all the different stages Malakai has gone through. The weather has been pretty cool, so we haven't spent to much time at the pool either. Since it has been so cool, I did have to go out and buy some warmer clothing for Malakai. While shopping I found these sweet leg warmers. Eric isn't the biggest fan of them and this is usually what they look like after he changes his diaper!

Natalee, the little one in the middle, turned one the other day. The three of them are all 3 months apart, it is pretty crazy. Jakob, on the right, is 15 months. Natalee is a year. Then there is Malakai, trailing behind at 9 months. Even though they can't talk very well, they will look at eachother and once in awhile someone will get pushed over.Malakai is getting pretty daring. He has started to pull himself up on anything and everything. Not only this little toy, but he likes to pull himself up on the dog as well. Milo is so well behaved that he just stands there, but once in awhile Milo will loose his balance and then they both tip over. I really don't think it will be long and he will start walking. Then my life will get even crazier!!!

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