Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catching up (Cont)!

Here is a few more pictures of what has been happening!

1. This is Malakai's first Popsicle. He was extremely sick and this was after our 2 of 3 trips to the ER. He wouldn't keep any liquid down and he was terrified of anything going by his mouth because of the nurses. So thankful that he is all better! We never want to go through that again!

2. Malakai had his 1st and I'm sure not his last mohawk. I was so happy that I could finally do something with his hair. He is starting to really get some more in!3. Yes, yes this is what you think. I taught my 1 year old to do his own laundry!! Only in my dreams!! He loves to put his clothes into the washer. I just think it is so cute!
4. Malakai went to his 1st and 2nd visitation. To lighten the spirits we decided to go to the park after this one (that is why I'm not in my good clothes :))
5. He got his first skinned knee! It happened on the way to the park and once he saw the park, he forgot that it happened!! I think it hurt me more than him!
Well that is all for now. So much more to update on, so stay tuned!!

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