Friday, April 8, 2011


We love being able to freeze things at our house. Recently I learned that you could freeze grapes. Within the past couple months they were on sale for super cheap, so I decided to put my freezing "skills" to the test :)

All you do is wash and separate them. Lay them out on paper towel. Take a paper towel and lay it over top. Put your hand on top and gently roll them around. Once they are dry, you put them in freezer proof containers. Once they are frozen they taste awesome!!
I'm also always looking for great snacks for Malakai to enjoy. I don't like feeding him a lot of sugary junk. I was skimming the internet and found a great recipe for him to enjoy.

You take a handful of frozen grapes and a 1/4 cup of skim milk. Put them in the blender and blend until they are smooth (there will be some skin chunks). When it is finished you have a very close version of sorbet. (For those of you on Weight Watchers, this is only 1 points plus!)

This is gonna be a wonderful treat all summer!! He like is even better when he gets to make it himself!

What type of things do you like to freeze?

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Gale said...

That sounds good Jenn! I freeze leftovers since I am only me and if I make one of my recipes that I like I just freeze the rest individually then I can have it again when ever I want! looking forward to seeing you all this weekend! Love, Aunt Gale