Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weird Dreams

Hey Everyone!
Wow, lately I have been having some really weird dreams. Eric and I really really want to have a boy. Well, in all of my dreams, someway or another, we end up having a girl. The first one the doctor said it was a boy in the ultrasound, but then we it was born it was a girl. I woke up crying. I was so upset because in my dream we had everything ready for a boy and then we had to redo it all for a girl. Which in real life, I would be upset, but I do realize that this happens. In another dream the ultrasound just said it was a girl. So we just came home and just started looking at girl names.
Right now we both really want a boy, but if we go on Thursday and it ends up being a girl, we will still be excited. I just think it is really weird that I started having dreams about it. I didn't think I was thinking about it that much but I guess I really am. I really just want to know what it is and I am excited to start saying he or she and being right. Not walking around referring to my baby as it or the little one.
So anyway, I just found the dreams to be interesting.
Have a great day everyone!!

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