Monday, June 9, 2008

Mr. Milo

Hey everyone! Well this weekend has been bittersweet! On Friday, Grace bit someone. Eric and I were planning on putting her in obedience training, but this really just put us over the edge. She has never done this before and it really scared me. Overall she is nothing short of a wonderful dog, and thank God she didn't draw blood! After discussing our options, we decided it would be best to get rid of her. So we listed her today on a website, hoping to find a new wonderful home, out in the country and with people that can give her the attention she really needs. This has been really hard because she is like my kid.
The sweet part of the weekend. Yesterday, my wonderful husband drove me to Angola, Indiana to pick up a new puppy! We ended up getting a much calmer, smaller dog. He is a Cockapoo, so he doesn't shed at all. Which not shedding will also make keeping my house clean easier. He will only get to be 15-20 pounds, which will be perfect for us, the baby and our house.


Debbi Lynn said...

aww i love cockapoo's, my best friend has one and he's an absolute sweetheart =) i'm sure yours is too!!!! =)

Grandma Barbie said...

Since we have been traveling so much I haven't been able to check your Blogs for awhile. What did you name your new doggy? I hope we will be able to meet this one as we never got to meet Gracie. I hope she finds a wonderful new home.