Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brooke and Alexcyn

This has really been on my mind since Monday. It really bothers me and I would love an answer, although I believe I won't get one until I meet my Savior.

Brooke and Alexcyn are the twin daughters to a couple from my church. A couple who struggled so hard to even get pregnant. This is something they wanted more than I could even imagine (not that I don't want my baby). Krista, their mother, was due in November as well. On Friday, Krista went into labor. Brooke, the first, died right away. Alexcyn gave a glimpse of hope and tried to fight for her life. On Monday they decided to "pull the plug". Machines were the only thing keeping her alive at that point. What a decision to make? I can't even begin to imagine.

Here I am, healthy, wonderful, and still have a wonderful little baby growing inside. A baby that we didn't even begin to try for. No struggle, no fight. Why? That is my question. What makes me any different than Krista?

Don't get me wrong, I am nothing short of excited for our little baby to come. I can't wait until the day that I get to hold it in my arms. The first time it smiles at me, grips it's hand around my finger, even pees on me. I am looking forward to every moment. My heart just aches for Jason and Krista right now. Keep them in your prayers as they try to unravel the whys and face everyday without their little girls.

God Bless

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Kellie said...

Jenn, I also lost my twin girls about 4 months ago. I struggle all the time with 'why?' But, sadly there is no answer that will ever be sufficient enough. Only if I could get my little Leah and Maya back. I would love if you could help me get in contact with that couple from your church. I also live in the Holland area.
God bless you and your little one.