Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Camera Cord = More Pics!!

Alrighty, I feel like I have to update with a million pictures, but blogspot will only let me do 5. So I picked 5 of the cutest ones.

First, Milo felt left out because he wasn't a part of the Christmas cards. So, I just had to post one of him. He actually likes getting his picture taken.

This would be the beginning of last weekend (1st weekend with Grandma!) All dressed up in our cow outfit. Isn't it the cutest!
This one is what Mommy and Daddy were doing while Malakai was at Grandma's. One of our great friends got married and we were honored to be the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. The wedding was at Fredrick Meyer Garden. Nothing short of beautiful.

Santa was in town this weekend. We actually got him to look at the camera. He wouldn't smile, but this is good enough for 6 weeks. They said the smallest baby they had was 2 1/2 weeks. Who takes that small of a baby out to the mall??
Well, we hope you enjoyed an update from the past couple weeks. Now that we have a camera cord we can post more pictures!! He is getting bigger by the day, it is crazy. This is our final picture. Nice a full and time for a nap!
Have a great day and God Bless!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting all of them!!! Love, Aunt Gale