Thursday, January 8, 2009

We must trust the Lord!

What a week!

Monday, I went back to work. What a day... I was suppose to be out of work at 4, but I was so busy in the afternoon that I didn't get out until 4:45. Then I proceed to pick up Malakai at Eric's parent's house. While I was there I found out that Eric's shop laid off 1/3 of the shop!!! Freaky...Thank God it wasn't Eric. Oh I forgot...while I was at work, we found out that the water pipe coming into our house had to be replaced. The estimate was $700 and that was if they were able to not break the sidewalk in the process. I was so ready to go to bed that night and just put this day behind me.

Then came Tuesday. Malakai had his 2 month check up. Well, surprise surprise, he isn't gaining weight again. He weighed in at 10 pounds 1 ounce. The doctor thinks that because when he was sick, he wasn't eating as much, so that might be a factor. Now we have an appointment next Wednesday to check his weight again. He also had his shots, but thankfully they didn't make him crabby at all! So Tuesday wasn't as much of a horrible day as Monday, but then came yesterday...

...My day began with me starting my 12 hour shift at work (gotta love workin for family). Well, the plumber came down to dig up the pipe and begin his work. They dug up my whole front yard, and then found out that the pipe was broke on BPW's side. Thank God!! We no longer are responsible for it. Although, my front yard is now all sorts of a mess. When I found this out at work, I literally did the happy dance! Then I was asked to work an extra shift next week, which will put me into hard core overtime. I really thought that everything was starting to turn around....

...Well, the weather started to get a lot worse. Everybody coming in said that the roads were a sheet of ice. Shortly after we found out about the ice, we had an accident happen in our parking lot. Thank God, nobody was hurt what so ever, the vehicles were just a little smashed up. Well, I really started to worry about Eric having to drive home at 1 in the morning from work. HAHA...I really got a lesson in worrying...Eric called the restaurant at about 7. He was on his way home!! I really shouldn't use '!' because that usually means something good...well it isn't. Thankfully he didn't get laid off, they just switched his shift. Which, means that he does have to take a pay cut because he is going to 1st. We were able to work things out with Eric's mom and she will be able to watch Malakai everyday we need her except for Friday early morning...

Looking back at this week so far, it has been crazy. Now I need to find a sitter for tomorrow morning. Even though things don't look that great (literally, I should take a picture of my yard), I know that God has our back. We don't need to pay to get the pipe fixed, Thank God, and I am able to work my Mary Kay any night of the week now. We just need to trust that God's plan is the best and that He is in control.

Here are a couple pictures.

Well, everyone, have a great day and God Bless!

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Grandma Barbie said...

Love the pics Jenn. And yes...keep trusting in the Lord. You have been Blessed.

Love and Hugs, Grandma Barbie