Monday, January 12, 2009

New Week...New Pics!!

Boy oh is going to be cold here this week. Which means, more time to take great pictures of the baby!! This was our first day on our new schedule. It is 8:00 and I am ready for bed. Anyway, we have no idea how long this schedule change is going to be. We are praying not for long, although, Grandma Jodi gets to spend a lot more time with Malakai.
I also figured out how to add more than 5 pictures at a time!!!

This is one of Malakai sitting up. He was leaning against the couch, but it is great progress. He really does enjoy sitting up and looking around. Milo wanted to get in on the action too!
Aww...I came home from running errands and this is what I cute!
This is his super cute outfit that he got from G&G Carol for Christmas. He really likes being cheek to cheek with me.
Jakob and Malakai are going to be friends forever!! Jakob is Corey's son. For those who don't know Eric and Corey have been best friends for fricken ever and are only a few months apart. Well, so are their first born sons! How great is that!!
I just really enjoy this picture. Eric was messing around with the colors and just snapping pics of us. I think it came out wonderful.
Tyler is Malakai's cousin. He is about a year and a half older than him. Well Malakai was having tummy time on the table and Tyler thought he had to be in his diaper and on the table as well. They are super cute together!

I really can't believe how big he has gotten already! I look back at pictures from when he was born and it seems like he was so small then!! They really do get big fast.
Well, off to sort some clothes...the newborn stuff doesn't fit anymore!!
God Bless!

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