Thursday, January 15, 2009

Small Head...

Lots of random stuff today!

A small head is the report from the doctor!! First it is the weight, then it is the throwing up and now that both of those are going well, it is his stinkin head! Our doctor is concerned that Malakai's head isn't growing properly. What are they going to do for that? How do you make a head grow properly? Doesn't it just grow? I have honestly never heard of this, but apparently it hasn't grown at all since he was born. Proportionally, I don't think his head looks small, but then again, who am I? I'm just a new mom, who has never heard of a head not growing. Honestly, our doctor is great and we did choose him based on the fact that he did his residency at Helen Devos Children's Hospital. Given Eric's and my health when we were both born, we are extremely lucky that this is the only thing that is wrong.

Well, Malakai has really started holding his head up a lot better. It might be related to it being small for his age, but I like to think it is because he is super strong!! He also sits up good as long as he is supported from behind or is leaning forward a little. It is so cool to see him develop all these skills. He has also started to laugh and cry when you come and go out of his sight, which is super cool.

Too bad Malakai doesn't realize how much snow we have. Man, we could really have some fun out there, well once it gets above the negatives!!! I don't think he has even touched snow this year, unless it was done while I wasn't around.

Here is a great video for everyone to enjoy!!!

Well off to bed, I now have to get up at 4 in the morning!!
Have a great day and God Bless!

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