Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a weekend

Well unfortunately this is not a happy post at all.

While most people spent Saturday celebrating Valentine's Day, ours was completely taken away. My whole family spent it mourning the loss of our business. Saturday morning my father got a phone call at about 3:45 AM from the police. They told him the restaurant was on fire. The firefighters had most of it out and they went in to finish putting it out and then there was some kind of explosion. That final bit lit the whole thing up. Thankfully all the firefighters got out safely and no one was in there when it was lite up.

So the past two days have really just been a blur. When I'm not there and I'm not starring at what used to be my dad's business, it just seems like it was nothing short of a horrible dream.

This is the place that I grew up. I met Eric there. We got engaged. My child was welcomed with open arms by the people that eat there. Everyone that ate there was just like a family to us. Now it is gone. Everything that my dad has busted his ass for for the past 24 years is completely gone. My grandparents belongings...their whole past...items that have been pasted down through generations...items that were suppose to be past down more generations....everything...gone. It really still just seems like it is a horrible nightmare and I'll wake up tomorrow morning and be able to go to work. But I have to spend the whole day trying to figure things out.

My whole family and the community is very upset about this. There is now up to a $5000 reward for ANY information leading to the SOB who did this to us. I pray that God will give my family peace and that He will lead the police to whoever did this. Please pray for my grandparents and my father. Pray that God will help this process go smoothly and that things will get up and running in lightening speed.

God Bless

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