Monday, February 23, 2009

Manic Monday!

Wow! The restaurant has been gone for over a week. It honestly doesn't seem to be possible. Life without a job just isn't fun! Although, today I do have to go into what is left of the basement and inventory what we can get at. Unfortunately, there isn't any heat down there, so we are planning on dressing warm! If you want to keep up on the newest news about the restaurant here is the link:

Well since this is suppose to be a blog about little stinker, I'll change subjects! Well Malakai's newest nickname is: Little Stank. I really don't know where I got that from, but it fits. He is growing sooo much it is crazy! He has to go to the doctor in a couple weeks for his 4 month check up. 4 months...can you believe it? Where does time go? He is always so happy and it is so much fun to get him laughing. Last night, for the first time, he pulled himself up so he was sitting up. Sitting up is his newest most favorite thing to do. Here are some pictures to update everyone.

This is in his car seat. All I have to do is put him in it and say "Are we going to Nanna and Papa's?" and he smiles like there is no tomorrow. He definetely loves his Nanna and Papa (Jodi and Kevin).

This is in his new special chair. It helps him sit up. Before he was able to sit up on his own, this would make him happy. Otherwise, we had to hold him sitting up to stop him from crying. This little seat is such a blessing. Now, I put it on a chair at the table and he'll sit there while I clean the kitchen. He just laughs and laughs!

When I look at this picture, I think "I didn't do it Mommy" This is in his little jumperoo. He will bounce and bounce and bounce. It is funny because he'll be just going to town and then all of a sudden he will start crying. Then you have to take him out and just hold him, within minutes he will be sleeping. He really is becoming so much fun!

"Now I love to put things in my mouth" This was on his little changing table. Whenever you try to dress him, he will always take the sleeve and put it in his mouth now. It is just hillarious. He has also started to drool like crazy.

Well now that I don't have to work, I will do my best to start keeping this up to date more. Now I actually have time to take more pictures and post more.

God Bless!

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