Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Bigger!

In about a week, my little dude will be 5 months old. I know he is still little, but it is just one month away from being half a year old. It really doesn't seem like it has been 5 months. Everyday he does something new, it is great.Now when Malakai eats, he has to "help" keep the food in his mouth. Sometimes he will reach out and push my hand (the one holding the spoon) into his mouth. Feeding him is really such a mess, but it is fun!

The other day, I put him in his swing to take a nap, usually it only takes a couple minutes. After, I swear, he was asleep, I decided to go outside and do some yard work. So I took the monitor with me. After a couple minutes, I couldn't hear the swing moving. I go back inside, and this is part of what I see! When I walked in he was sucking on the blue half hoop thing. I was impressed because normally he can't sit up by himself in his swing. So he is getting stronger.

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Grandma Barbie said...

Love the pics Jenn. He is really getting big now! I compared them with last month and you can really see how more matured he is getting to be. Can't wait until May 8. I can see Eric's face in the one with his fingers in his mouth now.

Love and hugs, Great Grandma Barbie