Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving and Teething!

What a weekend!! The weather finally cooled off a little bit, which is nice for our electric bill! We spent Sunday night at my dad's house having fun with the family. Here are a few candids of the evening!

Boys will be boys! I was really trying to get a cute family pic...this is what I end up with.Somebody is getting little teeth!!
We don't know if he is praising the Lord or calling a goal!
He loves his daddy!
Yes...He has balls!

Now for our favorite part! Malakai spent about a half an hour "chasing" his balls across my dad's living room. He might have had a little help from some on-lookers, but boy oh boy can he really move now. He doesn't actually crawl yet, but he has the army crawl down. Eric was smart enough to get a video of it!

We can't wait for this next weekend, we are planning on having loads of fun with family! Pictures of his baptism to come!

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