Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is Here!

Summer has come in full force! The past two days have been roughly 90 degrees. Thank God for central air! Malakai is getting so close to crawling. He has discovered how to roll to get where he wants. So, inevitably, his pack and play has become pretty much obsolete. At a garage sale, I picked up a play yard for $20! It fits great in our living room, once we took down our coffee table, but the sacrifice is worth it. This thing keep him busy for hours! Hopefully the picture does it justice!

He couldn't wait for me to finish cleaning it. Yes, I've been labeled a germa-phobe! I always clean his toys before he initially plays with them, even if I get them from the store. You never know who has touched them!
The mirror amazed him for at least a half an hour.
Then he started to give the baby kisses! It was hilarious! After I would take a picture, he would turn and look at me and then go back to kissing the baby.
So excited for the sibby cup!
Until he tasted what was in it! Since it was so hot this week, I put a little bit of cold water in it, instead of formula. I really think it just took him by surprise, but the face he made is priceless!
I was hoping to be able to post about Father's Day and the Baptizm, but we didn't take pictures with our camera. So I'll have to get the pictures from the family! Then I will update on the very entertaining morning we had!

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