Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aunt Steph Weekend

Eric's sister, Stephanie, came home from Vegas for the weekend. We had such a fun filled time with the whole family. Friday we were going to head out to the zoo. Saturday we celebrated Steph's birthday. Sunday we had family pictures and hung out by the pool!
On Friday when I walked through the door, it just so happened that Steph was wearing the same top! It was so funny! Yes she did decide to change because that would just look goofy!
Malakai was soo excited to head into the zoo! He is such a goof!
He got to pet a baby goat. I'm sure he thought it was the dog.
Getting some love from cousin Tyler. They are just so cute together!
We let Tyler, with the help of Jodi, feed Malakai his dinner. Believe it or not, they didn't make that big of a mess!
Malakai really loves his Aunt Steph!
Hanging out by the fire. This is probably the first time during the whole weekend that Malakai didn't throw up on her while she was holding him.
Family Picture Day!

So tired from the busy weekend! I LOVE it when he falls asleep like this, it reminds me of when he was smaller. Most of the time this was the only way I could get him to fall asleep. He is getting way to big!
We had such a fun weekend with Steph. She is so good with both of the boys and they act like she is always around. I don't think they have ever acted shy around her! We can't wait until she comes back for Christmas!! Hopefully she'll be able to stay a little longer. Thanks for coming home Steph!!


Anonymous said...

Such great pictures jenn and the stories that go with them! You do such a wonderful job with this blog! I love it!! Love, Aunt gale

Grandma Barbie said...

I will DITTO what Gale ahs written. thank you soooo much.